The MNTN Spatial Sound System
Bring immersive sound experiences to exhibitions, 360° cinemas, media installations, and live performances. The MNTN Spatial Sound System is a flexible and user friendly sound system for exhibiting sound in space on multichannel loudspeaker installations. Made for venues such as museums, planetariums, or theaters.


Custom loudspeaker layouts


Thanks to MNTN’s object based approach, audio content in any format such as MNTN 3D, stereo, surround, quadrophony, ambisonics, or Auro 3D can be acoustically projected on up to 128 loudspeakers and subwoofers in almost any standardised or custom spatial configuration, 2D and 3D.


3D audio player


Your playlist can contain 3D, 2D, stereo, or surround audio tracks – or a mix of various formats. The MNTN Spatial Sound System allows playback of any audio format on any loudspeaker layout. The player can also easily be synced to external timecode (SMPTE LTC) and remotely controlled from a central media control system via OSC.




As it happens, audio tracks come in all imaginable formats and levels. In order to play them smoothly one after the other in one playlist, you can match their levels and spatial parameters in the track editor.


Up to 128 input and output channels


Depending on what I/O-option you choose, up to 128 audio input and output channels are available via Dante, MADI, AVB, ADAT, analog audio, or in combination.


3D Audio Production


For the final mix, artists can easily plug their DAW into the MNTN Spatial Sound System, and fine-tune the pre-produced spatial mix. The global scene panner can be used as an independent workstation. This allows a team to work on the mix, one person panning, the other mixing, saving valuable time on location.




Object based 3D audio master files can be recorded and added to the MNTN spatial audio player. A variety of additional export formats is available for content exchange with other systems, including ambisonics, binaural, Auro 3D, stereo, and surround, as well as a custom loudspeaker print-out for channel-based playback systems.


Loudspeaker tuning


A master EQ makes your loudspeakers match the acoustics of the space.


One-button operation


Once the system is configured as desired, you can run your show simply by pushing the hardware button on the front panel. The system will be ready to play in no more than 30 seconds. Moreover, it can be remote-controlled via OSC.


3D view


Sometimes you just want to get an overview of what’s going on in the MNTN Spatial Sound System. On the interactive 3D view page, you can watch all sound sources from different perspectives as they move across the space.




Whenever you need personal assistance, you can rely on our team. Each MNTN Spatial Sound System is powered by a TeamViewer application that allows us to connect remotely, wherever you are. We also provide system planning, media integration, and technical concept development services:


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