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How many speakers make up a spatial sound setup?

Luckily, it does not need rocket science to answer that question. There are some rules of thumb that help you quite well with planning your loudspeaker setup. The overall goal is to provide a continuous sound pressure level within the whole the audience’s area, without audible gaps when walking around. Likewise many other problems, you can solve it up to 95% on your own. To achieve a perfectly planned and measured setup, you gonna need professional help, and most likely that last 5% would drive your project’s costs really high.

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How you connect a bunch of loudspeakers to your computer

There are a lot of audio interfaces with six, eight or ten analog outputs. But when setting up a spatial sound system with 16, 24, or even more loudspeakers, the question is how to connect them to your DAW? In professional environments, often MADI technology is the choice for multichannel audio transmission. Or, in more complex structures, digital audio networks such as Dante. While Dante is out of financial range in mid and low budget projects, often MADI is an useful and reliable technology, but still very critical in costs. We at TAUCHER have been constantly looking for the best price per channel solution, and we would like to share what we found out.

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