To perfectly integrate the MNTN Spatial Sound System into your project, we provide system planning, including concept development of loudspeaker layout and system design. You will profit from our 10 years of professional experience as sound designers and engineers: our goal is to help you realize the potential of spatiality for your audio project and bring the best listening experience for your audience. Having both the artistic and the technical perspective in mind, we pay attention to the details to help you realize your creative vision.




In collaboration with the Berlin-based studio TAUCHER Sound Scenography, we offer introductions to spatial sound design and 3D mixing with MNTN for artists as well as sound supervision and artistic direction for multimedia projects. Creating immersive sound experiences is more than any 3D sound technology alone, it is also about using the creative techniques available in an augmented listening space. How do you prepare a spatial mix? How to use 3D reverb? How to transfer a mix from one location to another? What is the compatibility with surround and stereo formats? How to work with difficult room acoustics? We have the answers.