We love to play the space

Like an instrument. Like crafting a sculpture of sound embraced by the space. Space is the medium we live in, and it is the medium we communicate through. Our life is not set on a stage before us: we are part and parcel of the entire performance – caught in the midst of it all. The sound we create should mimic our experience of waking life. And we believe that everyone should be able to design sound spatially, whether it’s real or virtual.

The Unbeatable Three at Work.jpg

While creating immersive sound environments for exhibitions, trade fairs, live events, 360° projections, and brand environments, more and more we felt limited by the tools with we were working. We were missing that spontaneous and intuitive moment to create immersive sound works. And for our clients, the costs were far beyond their possibilities, too often. If that were state of the art, the production and performance of 3D audio would remain an elitist practice — especially in the case of shared experiences, where people come together to enjoy sound art, contemporary music, exhibitions, theatrical performances, and so much more. We wanted to change this.

In our dreams, the creation of immersive sound would feel like playing a musical instrument. The entire process, beginning with setting up the DAW session, then the configuration of a multichannel loudspeaker setup, through to the monitoring and export of different audio formats would be easy to understand and could be smoothly realized. We began to question the over-sophisticated technologies we used, and we started challenging the current concepts of thinking about and working with 3D audio. 

Technically, we simplified as much as we could, which becomes apparent in the tiny amount of buttons and switches we put in the user interface. We even simplified the spatial panning which only needs a 2D interface like a mouse to control the movement of sound in all three dimensions at the same time.

The result is a lightweight software which works with any music software and almost any loudspeaker configuration. You can work in your studio or perform live. With the binaural 3D monitoring for headphones, you don’t even need a single speaker to create 3D audio mixes. Furthermore, you can export any channel based 2D and 3D format, as well as 3D audio for 360°/VR videos and headphones. Finally, we made it affordable for everybody, because we see this amazing app with the eyes of sound creators — our eyes. We call it The Sound of the Mountain.