Gabrieli, Stockhausen, Kraftwerk: the idea of spatially performing music is grounded on the centuries lasting history of immersive music created by inspiring artists—and it is as vital as it has never been before.

Play the space as an immersive instrument

MNTN enables you to create immersive concert experiences with real 3D sound, and with as many loudspeakers as you want. There is almost no limitation anymore, but so much room for your creativity. Just imagine how much money, effort, and sometimes helicopters it took to make 3D audio happen back in the days. Today, you can grab a bunch super affordable loudspeakersconnect them to MNTN, and play the space as an instrument very easily.


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Download the MNTN app and use it with all features 30 days for free. It's easy to get started: install the app, connect your DAW, and everything is set. Learn how to setup MNTN on your computer in this video:


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