Free licenses for students, teachers, and educational institutions

We've made it our mission to support experimentation and artistic research on spatial sound in universities and learning facilities because we feel that technology has made great leaps in the last years, but that its creative use is still lagging behind.


How it works

Students and teachers get a MNTN license (base package) free of charge. It enables you to create 3D sound mixes for headphones (binaural HRTF). The mixes are fully compatible with 4-channel 3D ambisonics or any 2D or 3D hardware loudspeaker setup.

Studios and computers owned by educational institutions get full feature licenses free of charge with no limitations regarding the output channels, and they include all export formats available. Mixes created with the base license are fully compatible, and users can directly proceed to work on a bigger setup.

Eligibility must be proven by using an official e-mail address from the institution, or by submitting a valid student ID. Licenses are limited to educational purposes, and commercial use is not allowed.