The price scales with the number of output channels you are going to use. You can buy one of the packages below, and upgrade with more output channels any time you want.

| | | | | |
Base Quadro 8 Channels 16 Channels 32 Channels 64 Channels One Year Complete
Output Channels 2 4 8 16 32 64 64 64
Bass Management
Arbitrary Speaker Layouts
YouTube 360° Ambisonics

The basic version includes two output channels and comes with 3D binaural HRTF headphone rendering. Four channels are required to export 360° Audio for YouTube, and you can also do quadrophonic mixes. In order to create mixes for 5.1 surround, six channels are required, and so on. For temporary use, you should consider to get the One Year License.

Additional output channels

Once you have bought one of the packages above, you can upgrade the number of output channels at any time:


Studying or teaching?

Students, lecturers, and educational institutes are eligible to request free scholar licenses. In case you're finishing soon, you can also request a 50% rebate on regular licenses.

No dongle required

The MNTN license system does not require a hardware dongle. By default, your license is floating and can be transferred to another computer each time you start MNTN. If your computer does not have permanent internet access, you can permanently lock the license to your computer.

Free trial

You can try out MNTN without any limitations for 30 days. Everything you need is to create a free user account after installing the MNTN app.