Designing sound for narrative environments

A new discipline in the design of narrative environments, sound scenography has its roots in the centuries-long exploration of the synergy of sound and space in the fields of art and music. Recent technological developments such as spatial audio, sound beaming, or interactive sound have made it easy to make sounds move freely through the listening space, and for the audiences to physically engage with a sound environment. Sound technology is opening up new creative realms for designers and artists, and calling for a reassessment of established scenographic concepts, as well as the development of new strategies for storytelling. In this article, I will present notable projects from the fields of music, sound art, live performance, and exhibitions, and examine the role of sound in these scenographic examples. This is an updated version of the original article which has been first published in PLOT, the German magazine about creative spaces, exhibition design, brand design, and set & stage design.

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