3D audio can now be created by everyone



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3D audio production software is now accessible to all creatives working in the field of sound production and design. The new app has just been published under an unusual name: The Sound of the Mountain, in short MNTN. The software was created with the idea of enabling the production of fully immersive sound, one that mimics our experience of waking life.

MNTN makes 3D sound mixes for headphones, as well as for any 2D or 3D loudspeaker configuration, easy. The idea of a simple, effective solution was emphasized by the creators during the design and scripting process. A core asset of MNTN is its flexibility: it allows the creation of 3D mixes using headphones, alone which is great for digital nomads or creatives forced to work remotely. Whether you're at a performance venue or at the studio, you can easily play your session through the multichannel loudspeaker configuration. Connecting to the sound system is literally as simple as plugging into a soundcard, it takes seconds; and the software will immediately translate the headphone mix to the system configuration automatically. Thanks to the software’s low-latency design, MNTN is a perfect tool not only for studio production, but also for live performance.

Customized loudspeaker configuration

The binaural mixing feature has another key advantage: you are not forced to invest thousands into loudspeakers and studio hardware. MNTN makes the production process affordable and hence, accessible to all. In fact, democratizing immersive audio production was the catalyst for creating this software. To date, 3D sound production and reproduction software was offered at an extremely high price point, and as a consequence a lot of great projects weren't realized because of this.

With MNTN, 3D sound can also be created by using headphones

With MNTN, 3D sound can also be created by using headphones

The app can be added as a plug-in to any standard production software, allowing you to continue with your regular work-flow, with a minor difference: the panning will now be processed in the MNTN app, and not in the audio production software. And if you have access to a small or even a large set of loudspeakers, you will now be able to design your very own customized speaker layout, for up to 64 speakers, including overheads and subwoofers.

MNTN can be used with any audio production software

Finally, being able to switch between the binaural and the loudspeaker layouts is not only about enabling a smooth production process – you can also export your spatial mixes for headphones in order to share them via Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify etc.

MNTN is about democratizing the field of 3D audio production

The 30 day free trial of MNTN can be downloaded on www.mntn.rocks. This is still a beta version, but as you will see on the website, a number of challenging projects have already been realized using it.