MNTN in action

Have you ever seen the MNTN app and the plugin in action? For this video, we used the original mixing session for the MNTN trailer, and we captured three alternating screens: the Live session with two of the 64 plugins, the engine with the multichannel input and output meters, and the scene tab with the full screen 3D panner.

While the mix that you hear is a spatial mix for headphones (binaural), the video shows the 17.1 output configuration that we use in our rooftop 3D audio mixing studio. But the mixing session is exactly the same – we just switched the output format.

The MNTN plugin connects most of the popular audio workstations with the MNTN app. The plugin basically replaces the left-right panner in each of your tracks. Since the actual panning gets processed in the MNTN app, the plugin acts as a remote control.

In the MNTN engine, you can see the multichannel input meters representing the audio coming from each of your DAW tracks. Using the panning information created with the plugin, each channel is being panned on the output speaker setup with 17 loudspeakers and the subwoofer.

The MNTN scene tab is the convenient way of mixing a lot of sound objects all together in one window. By using the search filter on the right top, you will find any sound object you are looking for. But you always have the possibility to create your spatial mix with trajectories and everything without loosing the big picture. That means, you can move your sounds either in the plugin, or in the MNTN app – whatever is most useful for you.