The New Export Module

Some of you might already have seen it: MNTN has a new feature. The export module gives you more flexibility and makes it much easier to get your 3D audio mix out of the box.

Regardless of what format you're actually listen to, you can record and export the multichannel input and output audio stream, as well as the binaural mix. On the top left corner you'll find a number of options.

First, you can choose the source audio stream you would like to export, and the fader below gives you control over the input level.

Second, the trim start option makes the recording waiting for an input signal. This is helpful to avoid useless silence at the beginning of the exported file. You can also use this feature to synchronize the exported file with your video time code by using the 1 frame beep before the actual mix starts.

Third, you have a number of options how to format your export file. Available file formats are WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg-Vorbis, and you can choose to save it as a single multichannel file, or as multiple mono files.