Clockwork Ocean

Our oceans are influenced by the energy of countless small water eddies. Coastal researchers at the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht study these virtually unexplored eddies and present their research in the unique Clockwork Ocean project.

by TAUCHER Sound Environments

In a 9-minute animated fulldome production, the audience travels from the depths of the sea up into deep space. He dives in fish and jellyfish over, participates in the use of research Zeppelin and accompanied the scientists in their work on research vessels.

TAUCHER realized the sound design (in collaboration with Felix Halbe) and the 3D fulldome soundmix. The production will start screening in german and international planetariums. In addition, it will be shown in a mobile 70 sm inflatable media dome, which will tour at film festivals and public events.

Watch the interactive video below in 360° and 4K resolution.