PARAESTHESIA has been a spatial sound sculpture with elements of experimental spoken word, electronic music, instrumental live performance, and visuals presented on an array of 20 loudspeakers and two subwoofers.

Binaural 3D mix for headphones, produced by TAUCHER Sound Environments. This video displays the scene view module of the MNTN app.

It's the sensation of nerve endings being set aflame. It’s a brash, sensual hallucination inscribed in the skin tissue itself. It’s an audio-visual, immersive space woven from scraps of nightmares, acid flashbacks, and visions. It's modern spoken word modified through and integrated into an immersive sound environment.

It's a collaboration between experimental spoken word group IZZJAZZ (Leonard De Leonard and Lukasz Polowczyk aka RQM), sound scenographer Johannes Scherzer (TAUCHER), cello player Simon Houghton (Sneaky), drummer Gianpaolo Camplese, vocal sculptor-experimentalist DE KJ, and visual artist Grace Nicholas.

It's been a part of the Vorspiel 2016, the CTM and transmediale 2016 in Berlin.

The Paraesthesia performance is now being released as an EP on Leonizer Records.

Binaural 3D mix for headphones, produced by TAUCHER Sound Environments using MNTN. Video by Mattias Husser