Better sound & improved usability

With the latest MNTN update 0.7.733, we improved the sound quality of the binaural processing, made your first start with MNTN much easier, and fixed a bunch of bugs.


Most important, we made your start with MNTN much easier:

– Soundflower is now integrated in the installer, a separate installation is not required anymore
– When you start working with MNTN the first time, Soundflower is now pre-activated as the input device, and the binaural processing is also activated by default

You can also find updated session templates for Ableton Live on a template with mono tracks, and one with stereo tracks. Just copy it in your "Templates" directory of your Ableton Live Library, and use it as a blanko session. Or drag & drop channels as you need into your existing mixing sessions.

All in all, we simplified starting mixing to 3 steps:
1. Install the MNTN software
2. Connect your DAW (switch to the Soundflower 64 output device)
3. Open a session template (or put MNTN plugins into your tracks)

Session templates for Pro Tools and Nuendo coming soon.


And we fixed some problems, most of them reported by our beta testers:
– We improved the audio quality of the binaural processing
– In the SCENE view, the MNTN search field is not case sensitive anymore
– We fixed a bug in the AAX plugin for Pro Tools (loading the plugin failed sometime)
– In Pro Tools, the AAX plugin is now listed in the soundfield category
– Scaling of the level meters in the MNTN app
– Leveling of the input-output-chain: a single object with -12 dB is now at a constant level from the DAW to the output of the MNTN app