Blackbox - Ivory Museum

End of 2016, the German Ivory Museum reopened in Castle Erbach/Odenwald, taking ivory-related art back to its roots: It was here, back in the late 18th century, that Count Franz I. of Erbach (1754 – 1823) first popularized the art of ivory carving.

The Berlin-based office for spatial and interactive media installations m box has conceived and realized the „opening act“ for the newly reopened museum – the Blackbox, a 60 square meters immersive media room where visitors experience an 8-minute audio-visual installation.

Unlike the common historical museum practices, the media space does not offer a passive infotainment and a rehash of the count’s life and deeds, but rather places the historical facts into a larger thematic and temporal context and generates links to contemporary social issues.

The visitor is invited to explore the structure of the audio-visual piece by wandering through the installation and re-contextualizing its meaning. Spatial sound design, voice-over, and music complement the visual content as a further associative layer. The content is produced by m box / Michael Peter. TAUCHER was responsible for the technical planning of the 16.2 channel sound system and its installation, as well as for the 3D mix realized with MNTN.

Copyright for all photos: m box