Ableton Loop: MNTN 3D Audio Lab

At the Ableton Loop Summit for Music Makers 2016, we contributed with a 3D Audio Mixing Lab where participants could bring their music track to mix the multiple stems in a 3D audio format. To be honest, we have been flashed from the hugely positive feedback throughout the whole weekend, and we are grateful for the intense performances, discussions, and ideas that came up during the event. The Loop is over for this year, but we will keep it in our hearts. A big thank you to the wonderful people at Ableton and HEDD, and to the artists Max GärtnerDE KJ, and Felix Rösch who collaborated with us for this fantastic event.

Felix Rösch shared his insights on mixing 3D audio for his project Orchesterverfremdung (orchestra alienation), which systematically examines different approaches to digitally processing orchestral sound material.

In his work, percussionist Max Gaertner combines acoustic and electronic sounds, and he is especially interested in creating immersive concert experiences. In his performance, Max played contemporary works for percussion & electronics which involve the entire space.

DEKJ functions as an ongoing project studying sound as the primary axis of actual dynamics, behaviour and instances. Considering the sonic and vibrational milieu as a representative for balance, transgression, violation, that also affects physical composition and the notion of structured spaces.


The lab has been generously supported with 21 brand new loudspeakers Type 05 from HEDD, the Berlin based designers of modern analog studio monitors with digital minds.