Let the audience dive into your music

So many people are listening on headphones
— let them experience your music in 3D

Besides, we're not talking about a second mix you'd need to do. Using the MNTN panning plugin, you can switch to any export format at any time: binaural 3D, multichannel loudspeaker setups, and Ambisonics for cinematic VR videos.


Create spatial Mixes on headphones

Start working on headphones and finish your 3D mix on a multichannel loudspeaker system


You can work on your 3D sound mix using the binaural listening mode. As soon as your loudspeaker array is set up, you can switch the playback mode to any multichannel configuration.


Start now with your 30 days free trial

Download the MNTN app and use it with all features 30 days for free. It's easy to get started: install the app, connect your DAW, and everything is set. Learn how to setup MNTN on your computer in this video:


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